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WarpForm of faster than light travel that is used by many species around the galaxy. It covers normal warp, that is used by the Federation, and transwarp, that is faster and is used by civilizations one step higher than the Federation.
Warp CoilToroid or split toroid element that generates a subspace field, when energized by a plasma stream. A set of several horse shoe shaped warp coils is combined in a warp nacelle. Plasma injectors serve to adjust the activation sequences of the warp coils in a way that a propulsive, asymmetric warp field is formed.
Warp CorePart of the warp drive in which power is generated through a controlled annihilation of matter and antimatter, also referred to as matter/antimatter reaction chamber. The complete warp power generation system including the warp core, matter and antimatter injectors and constriction elements, is called matter/antimatter reaction assembly. Matter and antimatter stream are combined in the dilithium crystal inside the warp core, resulting in a (warp) plasma stream. A failure of antimatter containment is commonly referred to as warp core breach. In this case antimatter can get in contact with matter, leading to a disastreous explosion that most probably will destroy the ship. In case of a containment failure, the warp core offers the possibility of an emergency shutdown. If the shutdown does not work, it is possible to eject the warp core. It's an optimistic assumption that in case of a pending warp core breach there is enough time left to try the emergency shutdown and finally eject the warp core and that the remaining time can even be exactly determined. It usually comes to an either/or decision on the part of the Chief Engineering Officer.
Warp Drive Common name for Continuum Distortion Propulsion Drive Non-Newtonian propulsion system used by the Federation to travel at speeds higher than lightspeed. A powerful, asymmetric subspace field is established around the ship by the warp nacelles. The field is composed of nested layers, each pushing against the one beyond it. This drives the ship forward, at a speed faster than light. First, matter and antimatter react with each other in the warp core. The annihilation produces large amounts of high energy gamma radiation. The radiation then is condensed into a plasma state, which carries the full energy (matter is easier to conduct than radiation). The power transfer conduits transfer the plasma to the nacelles. Injectors feed the plasma into warp field coil segments. The coils generate subspace fields by the interaction of the exotic materials, verterium and cortenide, with the plasma. The coils are energized at specific time intervals, creating multiple field layers. These pulses also cause the push of the nested fields, moving the ship forward. The warp field wraps around the ship in a two-lobed bubble, as seen below at warp field. The shape of the ship determines the efficiency of the field, explaining why starships have such a sleek design.
Warp Factor Figure that describes the speed of a ship or signal traveling faster than light.
Warp FieldSubspace field with a subspace distortion of at least 1 cochrane. A starship enveloped by a warp field is able to travel faster than light, without relativistic limits being violated. The asymmetrical warp field used by Federation starships is propulsive itself without an additional exhaustion necessary. This is accomplished by sequentially activating the warp coils. A symmetrical, non-propulsive warp field is used for 24th century starship computer cores, where it allows faster than light travel of electrons or photons within the field limits.
Warp NacellePart of the warp drive that holds the warp coils, plasma conduits and injectors, usually in a separate housing. Almost all Federation starships employ an even number of nacelles, arranged symmetrically to the longitudinal axis. While most vessels have two nacelles, a number of starships (for instance Constellation class, Cheyenne class, Europa, and the USS Prometheus) are equipped with four of them. The Freedom class, on the other hand, is one of the very few ship classes with a single nacelle and the Galaxy Dreadnought and Intimidator classes sport three. Support pylons connect the nacelles to the ship's hull and supply the warp coils with plasma through power transfer conduits. Usually, a Bussard collector is attached to the front end of each warp nacelle. Romulans and Klingons use warp nacelles similar to the Federation type.
Warp ParticlesThey are used to open a subspace breach in the event horizon (black hole) of ablack hole. Fields and particles are different ways of looking at the same thing. You can even consider soliton waves (cohesive waves which don't disperse) as being made up of a special soliton particle, or sound to be carried by a 'phonon' particle, and it makes some calculations much easier than considering the wave or field classically. warp particles refer to the specific particles making up a warp field, or the entire class of particles which partake in subspace reactions (tetryons, verterons, etc).
Warp Propulsion SystemPropulsion system of starships that allows faster-than-light (FTL) travel, also referred to as warp drive. The main components of a Federation warp propulsion system are matter and antimatter storage, injectors, constriction segments, warp core, warp plasma conduits, power transfer conduits, and warp coils. The controlled annihilation of antimatter and matter inside a dilithium crystal in the warp core generates the energy necessary for a warp field and also supplies most of the ship's systems. The propulsive warp field is generated by the warp coils. The warp drive was first successfully tested by Zefram Cochrane in 2063, however, other civilizations such as the Vulcans had discovered warp drive a long time ago.
Warp SignatureSpecific property of the warp field of a starship. Races are often identified because of their warp signature. Hirogen ships are identified because of their 'dicyclistic warpfield'. Ferengi ships are identified of their single-lobed warp field. Federation starships have double-lobed a warp field.
Warp speed Speed obtained by warp drive and is usually higher than lightspeed.
Warp Sustainer Engine Propulsion system of a photon, hellfire, quantum, and tri-cobalt torpedoes- but not Tricolbalt missles- allowing warp flight for a short period after the launch during warp speed fighting.
Wormhole Space-time anomaly that connects two points that may be far away from each other within normal space. Wormholes are either natural phenomena, or they have been constructed by superior lifeforms or accidentally generated because of warp drive malfunctions. Only one stable wormhole is known, leading from the Bajoran system to the Gamma Quadrant, allowing starships to cross the distance of 90,000 LY in an instant. This wormhole has been artificially constructed by supernatural beings whom the Bajorans refer to as the Prophets.
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