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Lexicon: Star Fleet Terminology - U - V
Ultrasonic shower Personal cleaning system in crew quarters aboard Federation starships. Besides ultrasonic showers, old-fashioned bathtubs and water showers are usually available as well.
Universal translator

Device employed for communication among beings who speak different languages. The universal translator performs a pattern analysis of an unknown language based on a variety of criteria in order to generate a translation matrix. Is used in comjunction with Starfleet commbadges.

Urodelan Flu is a relatively harmless viral disease. Symptoms include blurred vision, dizziness, palpitations, and a stinging sensation in the lower spine. Urodelan flu is characterized by a slightly irregular K-3 cell count, elevated intravascular pressure, and heightened electrophoretic activity.

Most Humans are naturally immune to Urodelan flu. An exception was Reginald Barclay, who contracted it in 2370. Dr. Beverly Crusher attempted to cure it by activating the immunity gene with a synthetic T-cell, inadvertantly causing a condition later known as Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome.

VerteriumcortenideMaterial of which the inner and outer surface of both the warp coils and impulse driver coils are made. Veteriumcortenide produces subspace fields when interacting with plasma. Verteriumcortenide is a composite which consists of verteriumpolysilicate, polysilicate, silicium, and monocrystalline cortenum.
Verterons:Particles associated with subspace interactions. They inhibit the formation of subspace fields, damaging or rendering devices which use subspace useless. Verterons infest the wormhole near Bajor. A protouniverse intruding into our own subspace was kept contained by an energy field, but verteron pockets in the wormhole threatened to release it, destroying a runabout and perhaps even the worm hole. Verterons and subspace do not mix well.
Vinculum:Borg device, serving as central processing unit in Borg ships. It's responsible for the neural links between drones, which forms the Collective. It also searches actively for signs of individuality among Borg drones, wiping it out, bringing order to chaos. The vinculum also identifies Borg drones who left the Collective and re-assimilate in the Collective by creating a subspace link with the neural implant of the drone. The neural patterns of the drone are then adjusted. The link cannot be severed without chronical neural damage. The vinculum is hard to de-activate because it has the ability to re-route its internal circuitry.
VISOR:Acronym for Visual Instrument and Sensory Organ Replacement, The VISOR was not only sensitive to the visible spectrum, but to a wide range of electromagnetic radiation. By 2373, the VISOR has been replaced by bionic eye implants, which perform the same function but are far more atheistically pleasing.
AcronymsThe entrire Lexicon in Printer friendly form


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