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IDFAcronym for Inertial Damping Field, a forcefield that is especially designed to compensate for acceleration forces within a starship. Several IDF generators are distributed throughout a Federation starship. Although the purpose and principle is similar, the IDF works independently of the SIF. Without the IDF, the crew would virtually be crushed when the ship accelerates. There is some times a micro-second response delay that causes crewmen caught unawares to go flying out of their chairs.
Impulse drive: Propulsion system for sublight speeds. In Federation starships, the impulse drive usually consists of a fusion reactor, an accelerator, a driver coil assembly and an exhaust director. The fusion reaction generates a highly excited plasma. This plasma can be employed for propulsion, or can be diverted through the EPS so as to supply other systems. The accelerated plasma is passed through the driver coils, thereby a subspace field is generated that improves the propulsive effect. The subspace field generated in the driver coils lowers the apparent mass.
Impulse speedSublight speed which is achieved with the impulse drive, usually measured in fractions of Cochranes. For impulse speeds above approx. 0.25c, relativistic considerations are inevitable.
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Indigo Children

The first Indigo children were discovered in the 1990s. They exhibit paranormal abilities from birth. Connected to the Spiritual realms. Advanced Intelligence at an early age. So named Indigo Children because of their indigo auras. These gentle, loving good natured children evolutions gift to the technologically advancing world. The idea was scorned by main stream science for nearly 120 years -some scientists felt it was a form of autism, Aspergers syndrome, non-verbal and behavioural learning issues.

In 2145 Dr. Rose Francis O'Brien and a team of researchers at Topeka University discovered the genetic coding in human dna strands for indigo children. Further testing demonstrated accellerated right brain growth, often with the same growth on the left side - in areas of the brain thought hard wired after a child turns 5. They continue to challenge the fields of science and medicine, the arts with new ways of thinking things through.

Easily frustrated by old schools of thought, unable to stand in line for short periods. Cruelly treated these children will develope extreme sociopathic behaviors , such as a sense of human superiority, alienation, and a "bizarre" paranormal identity.

Intrepid ClassIn the late 24th century, Starfleet built the Intrepid class as a science and escort vessel, which was intended to replace the outdated research ships of the Oberth class. Intrepid class starships are equipped with new, partially experimental technologies, which make the ships of this class superior to the most other vessels of this time, particularly regarding propulsion and computer systems. Nevertheless, the starships of this class are very small, much smaller than the powerful ships of the Galaxy and Sovereign classes. The Intrepid class is the only class of this time that has bioneural computer components, which partly replace the conventional isolinear systems. Another revolutionary feature is the class' warp drive, which is equipped with mobile nacelles, allowing the arbitrary alteration of the warp field geometry, and enables high warp up to the amazing maximum speed of warp 9.975. The maneuverability of the Intrepid class remains unsurpassed because it is the first Starfleet ship able to maneuver in an atmosphere and land on a planet. Also, the class was consistently used as an experimental platform for new technologies, such as the Emergency Medical Holographic Program installed in the sickbay and also used on newer classes like the Sovereign class, so that only few ships of the Intrepid class have been commissioned.
Inertial Dampers
Starship device that protects against the enormous G-forces that occur while the ship accelerates or decelerates. The IDs consist field generators, which produce a forcefield of standard 75 millicochranes, the inertial damping field (IDF). As the ship accelerates or decelerates, the IDF is distorted along a typical force vector. This makes the IDF absorb the G-forces.
Interphase GeneratorA cloaking device that manipulates the molecular structure of matter in a way that it is transferred to a parallel space. Matter cloaked with an interphase generator is not only invisible to conventional natural and artificial sensors, it is also able to penetrate normal matter. An interphase generator was installed in the USS Pegasus in 2358, although cloaking devices are prohibited in the Federation according to the Algeron Treaty.
Interspatial FlexureWormhole-like phenomenon in Devore space, in the Delta Quadrant. The interspatial flexure is very difficult to utilize, because it disapperears and re-appears at almost random locations.
IonAtom, electrically charged by 'missing' or 'extra' electrons around it.
Ion DriveImpulse drive, based on magnetic acceleration exhaustion of ions in a directed plasma stream. Invented in the nineties of the 20th century. Ion propulsion requires far less energy than propulsion by other engines, but is relatively weak. Jem'Hadar attack ships utilize ion drives.
Ion StormMassive movement of ions in space.
Ion TrailTrail of ions, left by any ship with warp or impulse drives. Many ships are detected because of their ion trail.
Isolinear ChipNanotechnical device that serves for data and software storage in 24th century Federation computer systems. Optical signal processing is employed in isolinear chips, and FTL signal transfer is enabled when installed in a starship's computer core. Isolinear chips also serve as portable storage devices.
IsotonUnit for the measurement of the explosive force of a weapon, like photon, hellfire, and quantum torpedoes. It represents an equivalent mass of explosives, given in ten teratons. a single photon torpedo casing can be armed to 80 isotons equivalent to 800 teratons of explosive power
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