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Lexicon: Star Fleet Terminology - G
Galactic Energy BarrierEnergy field surrounding the entire galaxy at its boundaries. Multiple ships encountered it, destroying or disabling them. The galactic barrier also has weird effects on warp travel. It also marks the boundary of the Milky Way's gravitational well.
Galaxy ClassMulti-mission explorer introduced in the middle of the 24th century that is mainly used for scientific, diplomatic and combat missions. The Galaxy class was designed to be both a successor and replacement to the older Oberth and Ambassador classes. The special features of this class are the modular structure (modules can be exchanged or added), its enormous size and the possibility to separate the vessel into two completely independent ships the saucer module and drive section. After the 15 year long application phase of the Galaxy class, the ships are used for military tasks today because of their unsurpassed defensive capability. However, the Galaxy class cannot compete with the smaller and more maneuverable vessels of the Intrepid and Sovereign classes any longer.
Genesis ProjectAmbitious terraforming project in the last quarter of the 23rd century developed by Dr Marcus. Its key component, the Genesis device, was supposed to transform desert planets into habitable Class-M worlds. This process was determined by a transformation matrix. The proto type and all subsequent data were lost due to the attack by Khan Noonien Singh, A 20th century crimnal from that era's secret eugenics war.
Genesis DeviceShort range torpedo intended to test the Project Genesis terraforming process. The terraforming process involved a massive explosion that would reduce a planet to subatomic particles, which then reassembled according to a preprogrammed matrix.
Genetronic replicatorAn experimental medical device used to stimulate the genetic code of an individual into growing whatever types of cells are needed by the patients. It temporarily confers the advantage of Instant Regeneration on patients.
Genetic EngineeringGeneric term for modification of DNA, illegal in the Federation.
Gravimetric field Term used for a gravitonfield (graviton).
Gravimetric chargeA Photon torpedo charged with gravitons. It was designed to have an explosive force of 50 isotones, but has later been updated to 80 isotones.
Gravitic MineMine used in the 2300s and 2400s. It has an explosive force of 75 isotones. Weapon that damaged the Kobayashi Maru in the Star Fleet Academy simulation.
Gravitational EddiesGravitational eddies in a minor wormhole interfers with comm links between Star Ships. Gravitational eddies also causes some troubles with smaller vessles causing the hull of some shuttlecraft to breach if they get to close.
Gravitational Sinkhole It's a gravity well distorion that circumscribes a subspace pocket that includes a type-G sun with 3 planets. Inside the pocket is a temporal difference: 1 minute inside the pocket is equivalent to 0.4744 seconds in 'real time' . The star system in it is 'stuck' in subspace. The anomaly is 600 meters in diameter and out of phase with normal space (phasing). Such an anomaly is mono-directional: you can get into it, but under gravimetric forces, not get out of it. It's located some 50,000 lightyears from Sol. The sinkhole is collapsed now by an alien force.
Particle that carries gravity forces at lightspeed. A group of gravitons is called a gravimetric field.
Graviton Inverter CircuitThe mechanism after the antigrav's anti-gravitational lift. The graviton inverter circuit (GIC) reverses the energy characteristics of gravitons flowing out of a graviton generator. This reverses also the forces generated by the gravitons. GIC generates anti-gravity by reversing gravity flows. The anti-gravitons are then led to the surface of the antigrav. This kind of generation of anti-gravitons out of normal gravitons is much like the onboard antimatter generation on a starship, although the fundamental mechanism is different.
Gravity Generator Device based on the emission of graviton particles that provides artificial gravity in normally zero-g environments. Artificial gravity is an essential system, since it allows normal movement and enables an "upwards" and "downwards" orientation. Usually a network of gravity plating is employed, in order to provide a homogeneous gravity field. In case of an EPS failure, the gravity generators on Federation starships remain in service for up to 4 hours.
Gravity WellDistortion made by every object of mass. Bodies such as stars and planets cause a very small distortion. Black holes make giant distortions in space-time, causing phenomenons as Einstein Rings, discovered in the 20th century. Wormholes can be considered as gravity wells, so deep that they form a traversable tunnel.
Guardian of Forever Sentient Time Portal, created five billion years ago by an unknown civilization. The Guardian of Forever is a sentient computer device; It's life was centered around being asked questions. It resembles a torus of 3 meters in diameter.
AcronymsThe entrire Lexicon in Printer friendly form


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