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Lexicon: Star Fleet Terminology - D
Fluidic SpaceRealm of Species 8472, a parallel universe filled with a biological fluid.
Food Processor Ship system providing the crew of a late 22nd - 23rd century Federation starship with food. The food processor is the predecessor of the replicator that has been introduced in the 24th century.
Food Replicator Replicator that replicates food and drinks from coded recipes schematics and bio genetic matter using a materialation process that employs localized transporter beams
Forced Quantum Singularity DriveEnergy source, used in Romulan starships as warp core. Energy is drained from a quantum singularity or artificial black hole. These method of supplying power has also been dectected in the Delta Quadrant and was used in the operation of the Hirogen Communications Network.
ForcefieldGeneric term for an artificially generated electromagnetic or gravitational field. There is a wide variety of forcefields for different purposes, for instance the deflector shield, the navigational deflector field, the IDF, the SIF or the artificial gravity. Containmaint fields are forcefields used to contain dangerous materials. Other types of forcefields are employed to lock a starship brig or a shuttlebay while the mechanical door is open. Forcefields can easily be shaped so as to provide a flat surface and an abrupt border. The force of real electromagnetical or gravitational fields, however decays the further from the projection or source point. Sources from many directions would have to interact in order to create the forcefields. Usually there are several projectors situated around most areas of Starships and other vessels to make this possible.
FTLAcronym for Faster Than Light, applies to warp propulsion and 24th century computer systems.
Fusion reactor - Energy Power Unit which utilizes a fusion reaction, usually employing hydrogen/deuterium that is fused to helium. A fusion reactor is used to power the impulse drive of a Federation starship. The energized plasma generated inside the reactor is then accelerated, fed into a driver coil assembly and eventually exhausted, yielding the desired propulsive effect. The impulse reactor is also used as auxiliary power source for other ship systems. A similar technology is used to power the station Deep Space Nine. In a single atom scale, nuclear fusion can be achieved in particle accelerators. However, a technical implementation requires thermal activation of the fusion reaction, as it takes place inside the Sun and was developed for the thermonuclear bomb (H-bomb).
AcronymsThe entrire Lexicon in Printer friendly form


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