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Lexicon: Star Fleet Terminology - D
Dark MatterForm of matter that exists as particles which don't emit any (electromagnetic) radiation, making it invisible and hard to detect. Some physists believe that dark matter can function as an energy source for starship drives. Dark matter exists in the Mar Obscura nebula. Dark matter appears to have some exotic properties. It makes objects continually phase in and out of our universe. This property has caused depressurization on board of starships, because the hulls phase in and out.
D'DeridexRomulan starship class of the middle and late 24th century belonging to the warbird type. With a length of more than 1 km, an incredible offensive potential approximately matching with the Galaxy class, a highly sophisticated cloaking device and an inexhaustable quantum singularity energy source, the ships of this class seem to be predestined for battle. However, concerning speed and maneuverability, warbirds are inferior to almost all federation vessels because of their size. Therefore they are unsuitable for escort missions and fast attacks. Dechyon - An artificially created class of particles that travel below the speed of light.
Defiant Class Experimental starship class equipped with the latest technologies, originally constructed to fight against the Borg. After the prototype, the USS Defiant (the only Defiant class vessel to be equipped with a cloaking device), had proved to be successful in the fight against the Dominion in 2373, the series production of the class started. Due to its small size, the unequalled maneuverability and the powerful engines the Defiant class vessels are mainly used as escorts or scouts. Moreover, because of the unusually high defensive potential, they can get through almost every attack without any problems.
Deflector DishStarship device, used to create a deflector field and the deflector beam. Deflector beam - Beam generated by the deflector, pushing away distant objects which lay in the course of the ship. Deflector field - Gravimetric field, which is the mechanism after a deflector shield. A deflector field pushes away objects/projectiles near a ship and absorbes energy beams. This costs energy, so when the shields deflects a projectile or absorb an energy beam, the shields lose energy. The field is created by the graviton sources of the deflector. The energy output is phase-synchronized through a series of subspace field distortion amplifiers (field strength of 625 millicochranes). The normal graviton energy of the Galaxy Class deflector field is 1152 megawatts at maximum. Creating an energy peak can rise the energy to 473,000 megawatts for 0.17 seconds. During a battle, the maximum energy is 2688 megawatts.
Deflector ShieldThis is a force field created around a starship, space station, planet or other facility that serves for protection against natural hazards and enemy attacks. This shielding system is often simply referred to as shields. Phaser and disruptor fire cannot directly penetrate the shields, unless the shield frequency is known and exactly matched. Without matching, weapons may weaken the shields by draining energy from them and their respective energy sources. Transporters cannot be used when the shields are in place. In contrast to the shields, the navigational deflector. usually provides a forcefield which focuses on single obstacle such as an asteroid.
Delta RaysType of radiation produced by older engines. Delta rays refer to moderate energy electrons which have been kicked off a nucleus by the passage of a nearby high energy charged particle.
Denorios Belt Area of space between Bajor and Cardassia with very high neutrino activity. The Denorios belt is the location of the Bajoran wormhole
Dermal Dysplasia Medical skin disorder caused by the over exposure of the epidermis to hazardous levels of thermal and ultraviolet radiation.
Dermal RegeneratorMedical device used to seal wounds or burns and restore the original skin structure. Dermal regenerators are standard equipment of Starfleet and other civilizations in the 24th century. The hand-held dermal regenerator is supposed to support and accelerate the natural healing process of the skin tissue. There is an improved regenerator installed in sickbay on newer ships and being fitted on older ships that is capable of more than just emitting healing rays and it is equipped with a microreplicator, so larger injuries can also be treated without leaving scars.
DeuteriumIsotope of hydrogen, includes an additional neutron. Deuterium fuel is used for the fusion reactor (impulse drive) as well as for the matter/antimatter reaction (warp drive)
Dilithium CrystalComponent of the warp drive inside which the matter and antimatter streams are converted to an electroplasma stream in a controlled mutual annihilation. Dilithium is the only known element to be non-reactive to antimatter when subjected to a high frequency electromagnetic field in the megawatt range. The efficiency of the reaction inside the crystal depends on its quality. While naturally occuring crystals had to be used in the 23rd century, monocrystalline dilithium can now be produced by means of epitaxy.

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DisruptorEnergy discharge weapons, used by Klingons and Romulans. Disruptors are available as shipboard and hand-held weapons. The function principle of disruptors is probably similar to phasers, however, further information on this issue is "classified"
Doppler CompensatorPart of the transporter system that compensates for relative motion of the origin and the destination of the transport. Without this device, the Doppler effect would lead to a wavelength shift, thereby distorting or even duplicating the transport pattern
DreadnoughtSelf-guided Cardassian missile that was captured and reprogrammed by the Maquis. The Dreadnought (so called by the Maquis) is charged with 1000 kilograms of matter and 1000 kilograms of antimatter. Combined with an impact speed on full impulse (150,000 km/sec, half lightspeed), this causes an explosion which can destroy a small moon.

The Dreadnought is very large, even larger than a shuttle craft. It is divided in multiple rooms. The computer's artificial intelligence is highly sofisticated; it can even lie and divert you and can engage in conversations (even in small talk). It can hail ships on its own. When you enter Dreadnought, the computer scans your DNA structure to identify you. Its warp systems are highly advanced.

The Dreadnought has a warp core, with a maximum speed of warp 9 and masks its warp trail with an electromagnetic field. Weapons are fired independently. Dreadnought has thoron shock emitters and when you fire on Dreadnought, it emits plasma waves.
DrydockFacility in which starships are maintained and repaired, usually located in a planet orbit on a starbase
DuotronicsComputer technology used aboard Federation starships from the mid-23rd to the beginning of the 24th century, invented by Dr. Richard Daystrom. Daystrom was also responsible for a further development, the multitronics computer. The experiment, however, failed in 2268 because the M-5 multitronics computer was given consciousness through ingrams planted in its program from Dr. Daystrom. The Duotronics was eventually replaced by isolinear technology in 2329.
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