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Lexicon: Star Fleet Terminology - B
Barzan WormholeUnstable wormhole situated near the Barzan-system. The wormhole is formed by radioactivity that built up in a ring. A probe was sent through the wormhole, and confirmed that the wormhole connected the Alpha Quadrant with the Delta Quadrant. The wormhole was bought from the Barzans. However, the wormhole appeared to be unstable. A Ferengi ship was sucked up when it came too close. They were later discovered in the Delta Quadrant by the USS Voyager, but once again entered the wormhole and disappeared. This wormhole is very unstable.
Battle BridgeSecondary command center on Galaxy-class starships, located atop the engineering hull. The battle bridge serves as replacement for the main bridge in case of heavy damage or as control center for the engineering section in separated flight mode (saucer separation).
Bearing Flight vector which is specified relative to the ship's orientation. A bearing consists of the two coordinates azimuth (horizontal angle) and elevation (vertical angle). Bearing 000-mark-0 represents a direction straight ahead.
Bendii SyndromeA rare, usually fatal disease that afflicts a minority of elder Vulcans over the age of 200, debilitating their emotional control; there is no known treatment. Characterized by gradual loss of emotional control; victims exhibit sudden burst of emotion and irrational anger. Diagnosis is made by culturing tissue from the patient's metathalamus-- a process which takes several days. A dangerous side effect of Bendii's Syndrome is that the loss of emotional control can be telepathically projected to others. Vulcans are capable of resisting the emotional projections, but if the afflicted person is in the presence of non-Vulcans the emotions can cause outbreaks of violence.
Berthold RadiationForm of radiation, deadly for humans.
BiobedThis is an orthopedically-designed hospital bed that includes medical sensors and display units for diagnosis and gas and fluid connect points for treatment of patients. The primary biobed, typically located in the center of a starship sickbay, is equipped with an additional overhead sensor cluster and a containment field generator and serves for surgical and other intensive-care procedures. The bed is raised to allow the doctor to comfortably examine the patient. It has a graphic display at the head which gives the patient's current status. Restraining fields are available on some models, but are rarely needed. They also have a button to detach the bed from its wall hookup, and initiate the small hovering devise, which allows the bed to be used as a stretcher for transportation.
BiochipsCybernetic implants surgically imbeded into bodies of the Borg. They serve to enhance their physical abilities and synthesize any organic molecules needed by their biological tissues. The Borg are dependent on the implants, and would die if the biochips are removed.
BiofilterPart of the transporter system that recognizes and filters out potentially hazardous viruses and bacteria from the matter stream. The biofilter is normally used only in transport to the ship.
Biomemetic Gel A medical substance, the sale of which is prohibited by Federation law. Even attempting to obtain it is a felony (presumably unless one is a doctor). This is because in the wrong hands, it can be used to make biogenic weapons, to conduct illegal replication experiments, or to develop organic explosives. Altovar attacked Dr. Bashir when the doctor caught him stealing it, after having refused to give or sell Altovar some.
Bioneural CircuitComputer processor based on biological components, also referred to as bio-gel packs. Bioneural circuits are employed in the most recent Federation starships, such as the Sovereign and Intrepid classes. Starfleet uses the original human brain structures in the form of bioneural circuits instead of just imitating them with microelectronic (or isolinear) technology. The gel packs containing biological components and may be infected by viruses or bacteria.
BioshipStarship type employed by Species 8472, made of the same kind of biomatter as the species itself. Modified Borg nanoprobes are the only known defense against the species and their ships, when the Borg failed to assimilate them. If stuck but a nanoprobe weapon they cease functioning and shatter.
Black HoleAlso referred to as quantum singularity, an enormous concentration of mass the gravity of which is so strong that even light is not able to escape. The radius inside which this effect becomes evident is called event horizon. The existence of black holes has been confirmed by real world physics. There are different types and sizes of black holes, some of them actually existing, others assumed possible. Their common characteristic is the strong gravitational force that causes any kind of mass/energy to fall towards its center, once it is inside the event horizon. The mass concentration in the center is possibly beyond the current laws of physics. Even the elementary particles that form the atom nucleus under normal conditions might be crushed and further compressed to an unknown degree, with a density close to infinity, which is referred to as singularity.
Blood FeverA neurochemical imbalance caused by the Vulcan Pon farr mating drive. The Vulcan telepathic mating bond, particularly if used on a non-vulcan, causes potentially fatal hormonal changes, which have devestating physiological effects. the only two outlets known that alleviate the blood fever are those offered by the ancient marriage or challenge - ritual. The victim must either complete the mating bond or engage in potentially lethal combat.
Body Armor/Combat JacketMarine Phaser Armor that protects up to setting 16, and pockets for equipment.
Borg alcove"Rest position" for a drone aboard a Borg cube, serves for regeneration and omnidirectional interconnection. Usually each drone is assigned to a specific alcove.
Borg ImplantCybernetic component of Borg drones. The implants control, enhance and supplement their biological functions. They also provide their biological parts with the required nutritive substances. The Borg are dependent on their implants. While Hugh's connection to the Collective could not be severed, most of Seven of Nine's implants could be removed through the efforts of the EMH.
Bussard CollectorDevice usually attached to the forward end of the warp nacelles that serves to collect interstellar hydrogen atoms for fuel replenishment, also referred to as Bussard ramscoop. The Bussard collector consists of a set of coils which generate a magnetic field. The Bussard collector is named for the 20th century physicist and mathematician Robert W. Bussard. The Oberth class and the Excelsior class (original design) have Bussard collectors though they are not visable from the out exterior of the ship. The upgraded Excelsior variant has visable Bussard collectors.
AcronymsThe entrire Lexicon in Printer friendly form


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